Energy & Sustainability Weeks are an important contribution to raising awareness among staff, customers and suppliers about how they can contribute to global sustainability through using and or installing energy efficient products. Energy Saving is a key part of our overall environmental awareness. In addition changes to government regulations, potential carbon taxes and rising energy costs make it as important as ever to reduce energy consumption.


How are we getting involved?

During Energy Saving Week L&H and Auslec branches will be holding various events and promotions that encourage the use of energy efficient products, energy efficient services, energy efficient solutions and energy production products.
Come in and visit your local L&H or Auslec branches to see what we have to offer. During Energy & Sustainability Weeks there will be product displays, supplier training and promotions to participate in.

Our ambition is to contribute to the program of sustainable development, presented under the name BlueWay. BlueWay encourages individuals and organisations within Sonepar to make the sustainable use of resources a reality by being a focal point for engagement and action.

Auslec and L&H are leading suppliers of electrical products and are in a strong position to enable the sustainable use of electricity by harnessing and delivering energy efficient products and solutions in conjunction with its supplier partners.

"Walk the walk" and "Talk the talk"

As a business, we are ‘practicing what we preach’ and doing our part by upgrading Auslec/L&H branches that have old inefficient lighting. Our aim is to roll this program out in all our branches with 90% of installations completed by local contractors. See our story on the news section the website & page 4 of the Electrical Contractor Magazine. The "Econ magazine" features all the energy saving products that we have selected for you to assist in making the right choice for your customers! Don’t forget to look out for activities and promotions taking place in your local branch during Energy & Sustainability Weeks and be sure to keep an eye out for our Lamp Recycle and Mobile Phone recycling program where some of you are able to dispose of old lamps and mobile phones safely.

For the kids