3 reasons electricians need to put safety first

Safety first!

Safety isn’t just about preventing injuries, it can also help build your reputation and help you avoid fines for having an unsafe working environment.

Aussies can be argumentative bunch and there are plenty of things they will disagree on. Ford vs Holden, Blues vs Maroons – these are great to talk over with your work mates after a long week on the job.

But there is one thing that every tradie – especially sparkies – will agree on, and that’s the importance of safety when you are working around electricity. While safety should be a top priority for any electrician in itself, there are a whole range of benefits that can follow on from taking health and safety seriously.

What’s more, sparkies now have more safety equipment than ever before – these days there is no excuse for not having the right gear for the job.

So what other benefits can a strong approach to health and safety have for your business? Here are our top three additional benefits that can come from having a safe workspace.

1. Safety is about reputation

When it comes to finding future work, many clients will be looking for an electrician who gets the job done right, not a cowboy who thinks safety is just another rule to be ignored.

As a sparkie, if you can demonstrate your commitment to safety, you will be able to build a strong relationship with current and future clients. Building a brand and reputation for your business is as much about the attitude you bring to a job as the quality of your workmanship at the end of the day.

2. Safety standards are always changing

Australia’s health and safety rules are always changing, with most of the country adopting uniform workplace safety rules over the last couple of years. As the goal posts shift, sparkies need to have the right equipment and expertise to stay compliant, no matter which state they operate in.

3. Unsafe practices will hit you in the pocket

Every electrician hears horror stories of the damage that can be caused by unsafe work practices. When you’re working on a big project, there are going to be millions of dollars on the line that you will be liable for if an accident does occur.

In fact, the maximum fine that a company can face for a category one offence – like the death of a worker – is $3 million, while individuals face a maximum fine of $300,000 or three years in jail.

Sparkie safety isn’t just about preventing injuries either. Non-compliant businesses may face steep fines for unsafe working conditions, as well as a knock to their reputation.

If you need the right protective gear, workplace equipment, or just some pointers on health and safety regulation in your state, make sure you talk to L&H. Use our branch locator to find your nearest electrical wholesaler.