3 ways electricians can attract more workGrowing your client base is an essential activity for any electrician, whether they are a sole trader or part of a larger company.

Electricians, whether they are sole traders or running their own business, can sometimes struggle to attract more work. After all, it only takes a quiet month or a few last-minute cancellations to leave you facing cash flow problems.

So how can electricians make sure they have people queuing up to make the most of their services? Here are our top three tips.

1. Understand where there is room for growth

The first step to growing your business is to understand what your current clients are asking of you and where new opportunities lie. For example, if most of your jobs are residential projects, you are going to have a much larger base of potential customers compared to an organisation that is mostly working on commercial fit-outs.

Once you know who your main clients are, the next question is how much more business you can expand in these areas. If you are always relying on a few very large jobs that aren’t coming up as often as they used to, it might be worth looking for smaller projects that can be used in case the supply of big projects begins to drop.

2. Develop a marketing plan

While many electricians would probably prefer a trip to the dentist over writing up a marketing plan, this process can give your company a serious edge over the competition when it comes to finding new clients.

A good marketing plan will have a central goal, like increasing your number of jobs by 10 per cent, and will then contain a number of steps that you want to take in order to realise this goal.

While drafting a marketing plan might seem like hard work, the real challenge is turning this plan into action. Following through on your plan and making adjustments as your company develops can ensure you attract new business over the long-run.

3. Work on your reputation every day

Reputation is the biggest risk for electricians, with one bad job easily damaging the perception of your company for years. The solution lies in treating every single job as a chance to build your reputation among future clients.

To support this, electricians will also need to ensure they have the right tools to get the job done right. A delay caused by your equipment is not going to impress the client and can cause long-term damage to your reputation.

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