5 ways for sparkies to boost their productivityProductivity is a big buzzword these days, with every man and his uncle looking for ways to get more done in a short period of time. While this might seem like an easy way to be overworked, there are very real benefits for electricians if they can boost the amount of work they get done in a day.

To help sparkies stay on top of client demands, here are five ways to boost productivity while on a job:

Keep track of your day

Often the best place to start when creating a more productive business is to just begin tracking the processes you are already undertaking during the day. For example, taking the time to plan your day every morning and record the completion for each job will give you a much better idea of where you are slowing down and how you can work more efficiently.

Consider your transport

If you are an electrician who spends most of his time working for residential clients, you will be spending a big chunk of your day travelling between jobs. Time spent on the road is ultimately unproductive, so minimising this is essential.

Using a GPS system is a good way to get you to a job on time, by providing you with the most direct route and preventing you from getting lost while heading to a new project.

Have the right tools

If your equipment and tools are not operating at their most efficient, it is likely to be costing you time and money. Having the right tools for the job is often the only way to ensure that your work is going to progress effectively and to prevent any wasted time from seeping into your day.

Take safety seriously

While some people might think keeping a workplace productive means cutting corners on safety, the truth is quite different. Staying safe on the job can make a big difference to your productivity, as fewer injuries mean less time spent off work. Even a small reduction in the number of accidents you or your employees experience can have a huge impact on overall productivity.

Use technology

Smartphones may seem like a very expensive liability for tradespeople whose mobile phones are at constant risk of damage, but they are also great productivity tools. Not only can the increased communication make it easy to keep in contact with your colleagues and clients, having a permanent internet connection makes it easy to order spare parts from anywhere.

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