Bright future for solar power in AustraliaSolar power has gone mainstream – with installations set to expand rapidly over the next coming years, creating plenty of new demand for sparkies.

These days, just about every street in Australia has a house with a solar panel on the roof – in fact, approximately 3.1 million Australians either live or work in a building powered by solar power, according to the Clean Energy Council.

While this technology may have once been reserved for those wanting to live off the grid, it has now become a part of the Aussie way of life.

What’s more, while the solar industry in Australia has already grown to a pretty impressive scale, these numbers are only going to get bigger in the future. In fact, a report from Citi Group suggests that the number of solar installations in Australia will keep climbing and hitting new records, reaching 14 gigawatts in total solar power in 2020.

If that wasn’t enough, the rate of installation is also going to see rapid increases. While around 1,000 megawatts of solar panels will be coming online in 2015, by the end of the decade, it is expected that 2 gigawatts of new solar power will be coming online every year.

While solar energy is becoming a big part of Australia’s built environment, it is also worth remembering the army of sparkies that will be needed to install these systems. With demand staying high and the price of solar panels dropping, the next few years are going to be a busy time for the country’s electricians.

Of course, solar panels aren’t the only pieces of kit that Australian households are investing in – many are also looking at extra gear like batteries. In fact, Citi Group thinks that by 2020 the payback period for a solar panel and a battery will have matched the savings that just a solar panel can achieve.

As more home owners look for a battery option to complement their existing set-up, the demand for sparkies is only going to increase, as people call on experts in the electrical field.

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