CIAL first completely solar powered airport in the worldMassive energy costs and environmental impact drove CIAL to become the first completely solar-powered airport in the world.

We can usually beat them on the cricket pitch, but when it comes to renewable energy, India is hitting us for six!

As you might imagine, airports need a whole lot of power to operate smoothly. From electrical products to lighting and everything in between, the amount of energy required is staggering. What’s more, given the relatively dangerous nature of flight logistics, it’s vital that power is reliable and consistent.

If you thought your power bill this winter was rough, imagine the energy expenses associated with running a complex facility like an airport. The cost of electricity typically accounts for 10-15 per cent of an airport’s total operating budget,  according to a study from the Transportation Research Board.

India sets a world first

To address these concerns while reducing environmental impact, Cochin International Airport (CIAL), located in Kochi in the south of India, has achieved the improbable by becoming the first airport in the world to operate completely on solar power.

The 12-megawatt peak solar power station was launched on August 18, 2015 and is comprised of an incredible 46,150 solar panels, spread across 45 acres of airport land. The plant is capable of producing 50,000-60,000 units of electricity, enough to make the airport ‘absolutely power neutral’, according to the airport’s officials.

CIAL Managing Director Mr V. J .Kurian explained the multiple benefits the solar power station would provide.

“When we had realized that the power bill is on the higher side, we contemplated possibilities. Then the idea of tapping the green power came in. We consume around 48,000 unit (KWh) a day. So if we can produce the same, that too by strictly adhering to the green and sustainable development model of infrastructure development that we always follow, that would transcend a message to the world. Now this has become the world’s first airport fully operates (sic) on solar power.”

Australia probably won’t see a solar-powered airport on quite this scale for some time yet, but keeping an eye on the industry will prepare you for the future.

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