Costa Rica currently running on 100 per cent renewablesIf we told you there was a country in the world running on 100 per cent renewable energy – you’d probably think we were having you on. Sure, renewables like solar power have recorded considerable growth, but there is still a lot of room to cover before these sources can provide a country’s entire power needs, right?

You might be surprised to learn that the Central American country of Costa Rica has seen all of its power needs generated from renewable sources throughout the first three months of this year. That’s right – 100 per cent of the country’s power has been coming from renewable energy.

How is this possible? Well Costa Rica already relies on a considerable number of different renewables that supply a big chunk of the country’s power needs. The country has invested heavily in hydro power, with geothermal also providing a sizable portion of total demand.

In the last few months, Costa Rica has seen substantial rainfall – boosting lake levels that can drive hydro power stations and allows the grid to disconnect from fossil fuel sources. The country also has low power needs year-round, with the economy centred on tourism and other industries that don’t demand a lot of electricity.

At the time of writing, Costa Rica has been running on 100 per cent renewables for 83 days. The nation was also recently forced to cut electricity rates by 12 per cent, in response to the oversupply of renewable power.

While Costa Rica is certainly a long way from the work of most Aussie sparkies, the same trends are quickly emerging across this country as well. In fact, the Australian Clean Energy Regulator is expecting Australia to add a further 800 megawatts of solar panels over 2015, boosting the country’s green credentials.

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