Is it time energy became more productiveSparkies will be well aware of the challenges that come with equipment efficiency. After all, the number of devices and machines we use just keeps increasing – putting more pressure on the gird and on a client’s back pocket.

The solution – which more people and companies are waking up to – is that our electrical equipment needs to get a lot more efficient in the future in order to avoid excessive demands on the network.

Fortunately, there is plenty of potential for Australia to boost is energy efficiency, at least according to Climateworks Australia. The organisation has just released research into the possibility for greater energy efficiency across the board, finding that there is considerable room for Australian businesses to improve.

The research found there is huge potential for Aussie businesses and companies to boost their energy efficiency – in fact, the country could boost its energy efficiency by a whopping 50 per cent by 2030.

How? Well the report suggested there are a few key areas which need to become a priority if the country is going to become more energy-savvy. As well as investing more in renewable energy solutions like rooftop solar, the report recommended companies upgrade their inefficient electrical systems.

The report also suggested introducing electrical alternatives to current processes. Using conveyor belts rather than petrol vehicles was highlighted as one area where companies could cut costs by going electric.

By making this shift, companies are likely to see much better productivity, while homeowners will be happy to receive much lower bills at the end of the month.

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