A new partnership to deliver joint growth!

A new era in wholesaler/industry association partnerships was formalised on Friday November 30th 2012, with the joint signing of an agreement between Lawrence & Hanson and Master Electricians Australia.  The specific objective of the partnership is to help both organisations grow business for their respective customers/members via a number of initiatives that will roll out across the country in 2013.

“Master Electricians Australia (MEA) approached us some time ago with a bunch of unique ideas that will see L&H become the Platinum Partner of MEA for the next two years”, said Robin Norris, Chief Executive of L&H.

The partnership will see L&H become the exclusive wholesaler partner of their Safety Connect program around Australia as well as specific involvement in their national road shows, Skills Connect courses, conferences and related branded communication activity. The partnership also includes MEA member involvement within the L&H ACCESS program – a program designed to specifically provide member benefits, business growth through a national advertising program, as well as service and price benefits, to name a few.

Robin went on to say, “We’re excited by the opportunity this new partnership provides L&H. It will allow both organisations to focus on our mutual objective – building business. We have various touch points between L&H staff and MEA members planned throughout the year which will provide us the opportunity to add value to MEA members, listen to their feedback and importantly connect to any business growth opportunities that will be available. Importantly, we can directly measure the value from the partnership for both organisations to ensure mutual value is achieved”.

The partnership will see a totally different working model adopted to drive value from the arrangement. Operational Co-ordinators at a state level have been appointed to work with the MEA Management Team to ensure activities are properly managed and implemented. This will ensure that those who meet the customer on a daily basis, are the ones who own the partnership and promote its joint value.

Above: Malcolm Richards, CEO Master Electricians Australia, Robin Norris, CEO L&H Group

For more information about the Platinum Partnership between L&H and MEA, please contact:

Barry Campbell – State Sales Manager Queensland on 0412 152 077 or barry.campbell@lh.com.au

Steve Emanouel – Group Marketing Manager on 0421 056 988 or steve.emanouel@landhgroup.com.au