L&H Epping – Grand Opening

Daniel Callard and his team celebrated the grand opening of L&H Epping on Friday. They were joined by new and existing L&H customers, corporate suppliers and other regional branch members for a BBQ and special offers throughout the day.

Daniel said that the event was a great way to celebrate new branch opening, and establish the fun and friendly atmosphere they are trying to create within the branch.

“We’re living the ‘best friend’ strategy! We’ve supplied a few drinks, a BBQ and a dart board, along with many giveaways and specials for customers. We wanted to create a fun atmosphere. It’s all about thanking the suppliers and welcoming new customers,” he continued.

“The main message we wanted to promote was that L&H are continually expanding, even in these times of economic hardship. We wanted our customers to know that we are serving them throughout the good times and the bad. Ultimately, we want to be the contractor’s first choice for service, range and value.”

Many key suppliers joined in the day’s events. Representatives from Clipsal, Schneider, Pierlite, Philips and Milwaukee set up product stands and even joined in some of the activities.

“This is our way of thanking our suppliers for their support and all their efforts that made this opening possible. It’s also a good way to advertise the new branch to inactive account holders in the area,” said Daniel.

Spreading the word about the opening was achieved in many different ways. Updates were sent to subscribers via direct mail, email and SMS before and even during the day. Ads also ran in several local newspapers, and there was a fantastic turnout as a result.

Milwaukee offered a variety of prizes in a dart competition, including drill bits and other accessories. Customers who shot a bullseye were to receive a prize but unfortunately, no one managed to win on the day. Daniel says that the competition remains open and prizes will change on a weekly basis, so head on in if you’re up for the challenge!

Congratulations to Daniel and the entire team at L&H Epping. The new branch is now open, so be sure stop in and take a look around if you’re in the area.

L&H Epping
Unit 2, 222 Cooper Street
Epping VIC 3076
Phone: (03) 9401 2588