With the 2015 AFL footy season not far away, sparkies may not have heard about a major change at the country's most famous cricket ground – the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

However, visitors to the stadium in the future will have a very different view to the one today, with the stadium's management unveiling plans to install new LED lighting around the stadium.

The planned lighting aims to make it possible for the stadium to be illuminated depending on who is playing there. According to the Melbourne Cricket Club's CEO Stephen Gough, this shift will make it easier to alter the stadium's appearance based on which team is playing.

"Whether you are a Collingwood, Hawthorn or Melbourne Stars fan, you want to feel like you are at a home game," said Mr Gough. "We can now add to that true home team feeling at the MCG."

"This is a significant investment to improve and personalise the MCG customer experience and also operate a more efficient stadium."

It isn't just by adding new lighting solutions to the ground that the management are looking to further improve the MCG either. The stadium is also upgrading facilities for media and broadcasters, as well as introducing new connections to the stadium's two massive television screens and installation of a further 800 smaller screens.

Finally, the whole stadium is being equipped with new Wi-Fi capabilities that will make it easier for sports fans to head online while they are in the stadium. The new system will provide access for up to 100,000 people simultaneously.

The upgrades for this big job will be ongoing over the rest of 2015, so don't expect to see the stadium decked out in home team colours any time soon. However, for sparkies, this project reveals just how widespread LED technology has become and the many uses that these clever bulbs can be applied to.

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