Milwaukee Job Site Solutions

Milwaukee understands that as a professional, you rely on your tools and cannot afford to be let down. To help, Milwaukee Power Tools has launched a new initiative in the Australian power tool market, offering the first devoted Job Site Solutions (JSS) Team.

What is the JSS Team?

The JSS Team has a wealth of experience and product knowledge, so they know the best equipment to get the job done right, every time.

How does it work?

The experienced JSS Team will visit any branch or work site – whether commercial, industrial, mining or oil and gas infrastructure – and conduct a thorough review into how customers are using their tools and what applications and obstacles they face on a daily basis.

The JSS Team can then provide some real solutions to power tool inventory management – both by increasing productivity with new application solutions and substantially reducing costs via streamlining and consolidating cordless tool platforms.

This video explains it all…

What are the benefits?

By consolidating and streamlining tool platforms, the JSS Team can help improve your inventory control and deliver genuine cost savings by utilising the latest technology and providing the latest innovative tools.

Productivity improvements can also be made by advising on tool and accessory systems that best suit the application requirements of the individual user.

How can you get involved?

Register online for a JSS visit. You can organise the JSS Team to visit your branch, or arrange a visit to nearby work sites. The initiative is a great way to generate large sales and make potential customers aware of our ever-expanding product range.

For more information and to request a Milwaukee JSS visit, go to: