New French law aims for the sky on commercial solarCommercial electrical installations are a fairly standard affair – although the scale will be much larger, many of the electrical challenges faced in an office are going to be similar to those encountered in a residential project.

Overseas trends suggest though that the future of commercial projects will change rapidly in coming years, with a bold new law set to change the face of upcoming French building work.

According to the new rules, all buildings in commercial zones are required to be partially covered in either solar panels or green roofs. French sparkies obviously won’t be rolling up their sleeves and planting green roofs but this legislation will definitely make waves in the solar sector across the country.

For premises with a large roof space – like a warehouse – the results are likely to mean a big reduction in operating costs, with heating, lighting and air conditioning expenses all able to be offset with a solar array.

While there is no sign of similar legislation in Australia, the solar industry here is growing quickly. According to The Clean Energy Finance Corporation, a quarter of all solar installations are coming from commercial projects, so there is certainly plenty of demand on this side of the world.

Australia and France aren’t the only country’s that are setting the bar high when it comes to renewables and creative green technology. Costa Rica set a record earlier this year, relying on solar for the majority of the country’s generation capacity, thanks to plenty of water in the country’s hydroelectric dams.

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