Are you ready for smart light bulbsSmart lighting is the way of the future for Australian homes, with a number of different companies developing Wi-Fi compatible bulbs.

These days, it seems that every device is ripe for becoming a smart instrument. Watches and clothing are just the latest objects to get the high-tech treatment, joining an ever-growing range of connected equipment.

While this gear may have done nothing more than raise the eyebrow of the average tradie in the past, soon electricians won’t be able to escape the growth of smart devices.
That’s because the next frontier for these devices is the family home – with LED bulbs some of the first pieces of kit to have a built-in Wi-Fi connector installed in their base. This allows the light to be controlled by any device that can connect to the home’s internet – from a laptop to a tablet or smartphone.

In recent months, a number of different manufacturers have announced these products, with GE, Philips and Samsung all releasing different products in this space.

As more manufacturers and installers embrace these systems, global demand is only going to grow. In fact, the global market for smart lighting is expected to reach US $56.05 billion by 2020, according to research from marketsandmarkets.

Right now, the bulbs are still very expensive and only just becoming available overseas. However, they give a pretty good idea of what the home of the future is going to look like – even if it means having another set of gadgets in the house for the kids to play with.

For sparkies, these smartbulbs also give some insight into the future projects they are likely to be working on. As the price drops and availability increases, the number of people wanting smartbulbs is only going to grow.

As other household gadgets get the ‘smart’ treatment, there will be plenty of future demand for sparkies to install these systems – not to mention fixing them up when something goes wrong.

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