Auslec/L&H are proud to announce two newly formed partnerships with leading recycling programs, MobileMuster and Lamp Recyclers that will help reduce the number of old mobile phones and lamps going to landfill and recycle them in a safe, secure and ethical way

Why Recycle with Mobile Muster?

• The only industry-led mobile recycling program in the world.
• Since 1998 Mobile Muster have recycled and kept 1,244 tonnes of mobiles and accessories including 10.86 million mobile handsets and batteries out of landfill.
• Mobile phones are not biodegradable and contain small amounts of potentially harmful substances, which if not managed properly may harm the environment.
• It’s estimated there are over 25.5 million unwanted mobiles in homes and offices around Australia.
• Over 95% of the materials used in mobiles and accessories can be recovered. These materials can be used to make everything from stainless steel to plastic fence posts.

Why recycle with Lamp Recyclers?

It’s estimated that Australia generates from 30+ million end-of-life fluorescent tubes and a further 20+ million end-of-life mercury-containing globes (CFL/HID etc). Currently, around 96% of these end up in landfill.
• Mercury is a potent neurotoxin that contaminates water supplies through leakage from landfill.
• Be a part of eliminating dangerous chemicals from entering landfill and subsequently finding their way into waterways and our living environment.
• At the same time, it’s a great way to recycle the tonnes of metal & glass and further reduce our community’s carbon footprint.