Our CEO Robin Norris wanted to give a quick update on how we are tracking for the year and address some of the exciting programs we have going on.

Please note: L&H staff may have trouble watching this video in a branch environment. If you have difficulty, please try to watch it on your iPhone or home computer.

In the video, Robin covers the following items:

Online Learning Programs
While new employees complete these modules during their induction, it is important that we refresh our knowledge regularly to ensure the maximum safety while at work.

Australian Employment Covenant
L&H Group has joined this incredible initiative, which aims to provide 60,000 sustainable jobs for indigenous people throughout Australia. L&H Group has committed to employ six indigenous people within the next year and 60 within ten years.

How we are tracking this year
Sonepar continues to go from strength to strength. And while the Australian market has declined, at the end of September we still had growth in our business. Similarly, October is already tracking well and we are out-performing last year’s numbers.

What’s next?
November is a big month for the business and we encourage everyone to think about new opportunities and new customers that we can approach. Let’s finish off what has been a solid year by having a really good last quarter.

Employee Benefits
There are some fantastic API deals available in the lead-up to Christmas, so get online and grab a bargain.

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