Top 5 Surefire Home Energy Saving Tips

It's the beginning of Energy & Sustainability Weeks 2016, so it's the perfect occasion to focus on the changes around the house which help us reduce energy and increase savings.


  1. Your ceiling installation is the most effective method of guarding you against the hot and cold months. A minimum of R3.5 is recommended for most homes in Victoria.


  1. Is there a draught in here? Seal up the gaps and cracks in the ceiling, floors, and external walls. Doors - weather stripping the frames & utilising a trusty 'door snake' and closing doors to insulate the area.


  1. Switch to energy efficient light globes. Replace your home's lighting with energy efficient LED alternatives. It's best practice to avoid halogen downlights altogether. 


  1. Power to the people. Compare energy suppliers to see whether you're getting the best deal. Did you know you can get a free power controller installed for your home?  It works by automatically cutting off power to your electronic devices when you switch them to stand-by mode (list of accredited installers).


  1. Mindfulness counts. By simply turning off heating, cooling or the house lighting, switching off electrical appliances, dressing for the weather and washing clothes in cold water.