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Australia’s Most Comprehensive Family of Lighting Brands

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About Gerard Lighting

Gerard Lighting is the company behind Australia’s most innovative and well known lighting brands and lighting controls. When it comes to lighting solutions, no other company delivers like Gerard Lighting. With over a century of experience and a team of 700 employees, delivering world-class lighting design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution to Australia and New Zealand.

Gerard Lighting offers a powerful combination of complementing brands Pierlite, Sylvania, Crompton and Diginet as well as various specialty brands including Inlite, Frend, Concord, Austube, Megabay, Siteco, Disano and Side.

Gerard Lighting’s in-house engineering and design team, allows the company to develop new products and produce customised solutions. It also enhances flexibility from design to handling variations, bespoke designs and variable quantities from a single unique unit to thousands of units. This manufacturing capability is enhanced by fully resourced planning, scheduling, purchasing, maintenance and tool room.

Gerard Lighting is committed to enhancing life’s experiences through creating innovative and sustainable lighting solutions.

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