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Company Background

MFB Products Pty Ltd market leader in quality Australian made 19 data cabinets, server racks and equipment racks.

MFB have always disputed the widely held concept of producing a cabinet and then trying to adapt it to suit all application. MFB ranges of cabinets are purpose built for each application. An industrial cabinet does not suit a computer room environment; a wall mounting cabinet is not intended to meet the requirements of an RFI/EMI shielded cabinet.

MFB remains committed to sourcing the latest in advanced manufacturing equipment to assist in not only output but also providing new design opportunities, to make our products better and provide superior functionality. MFB Products is the recipient of the Australian Design Award. MFB Products works within the ISO9001 quality framework.

Relationship with Pacific Datacom

MFB has a long tradition of manufacturing high quality racks, cabinets, consoles and enclosures, which is why PDC are proud to be an exclusive partner in Australia. In order to get more details regarding MFB, click below to find your nearest PDC branch.

MFB Products

Our product portfolio includes 19 Rack Enclosures, Computer Cabinets, Wall Mounting Racks, Desktop Cabinets, Class B and C Security Enclosures, Industrial Style Cabinets, RF Enclosures and Consoles.

  • Cabinets
  • Open Racks
  • Consoles
  • Notebook/Tablet Storage
  • Noise Control
  • Outdoor Enclosures
  • Accessories

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