Case Study

Docklands Project

Docklands Melbourne is a colourful place filled with high rise urban living, waterfront restaurants and a vibrant shopping scene. A challenging project was presented with a building situated in the midst of it all with a large plant room reaching 77 meters high which required flexible and lightweight solar panels. There were design constraints and many engineering considerations for the project from the mounting method, wind region to height of installation.

However, with months of planning and preparation, the latest technology products, the project began in mid-2019. The solar panels selected were the eArche panels as it is customisable, 75% lighter and 85% thinner than conventional solar panels and at the same time it is durable and robust making it suitable for the requirements.

Along with the panels, solar inverters were also required. The inverter is the most complex component in any solar systems, it is also the part most likely to develop problems, therefore, Inverter faults can result in complete system shutdown, hence why reliability is crucial and selecting an Australian designed and quality product is a must ensuring Australian standards and engineering certification are met.

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