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Turnkey Product Solutions

PDC have the expertise to provide you with a turnkey product solution that take away the unnecessary labour costs, risks and waste management. With access to all the products that you require, we’re able to fit out and configure enclosures with the end result being the bespoke solution that you need.

Our Offering

  • Rack configuration, e.g. fit PDUs, cable trays, patch panels, FOBOTs, etc.
  • FOBOT configuration, i.e. load with thru-adapters, cassettes, pigtails, etc.
  • Pre-terminating, labelling and testing fibre and or copper looms
  • Labelling of patch panels, FOBOTs, racks, etc.
  • Bundling of goods into kits, e.g. unloaded patch panels with 24-jacks, dual face plates with two jacks, etc.

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