As an established business of 130+ years, Lawrence & Hanson has consistently evolved with the changes in electrical and the way we do business. Our aim is to be a market leader in electrical and part of that is leading the way in our digital services.
We know that Electricians all over Australia are working longer hours with less downtime to enjoy the better things in life. We are here to help maximize your downtime by offering services that can be easily accessed anywhere/anytime.

Are you ever flat out on-site and need additional items for the job? Don’t make a call or drive all the way to a local branch! Pull out ANY mobile device and access your personal ebranch at your fingertips! You can access the full stock range available to you, with your own pricing loaded ready to access anywhere/anytime through the eBranch APP.

  • Order online from a range over 7,000 items 24/7
  • Check stock on hand and your pricing
  • Check, download a print PDF invoices
  • Check your monthly statements
  • Download your price files
  • Check and convert Quotes

This is just a snapshot of what Lawrence & Hanson has to provide to make life easier for our customers. ‘Everything electrical @ your fingertips’

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