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We provide sustainability solutions across all markets that are designed to support electrical contractors by offering the latest products and innovations to keep them ahead of the competition.

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Transform your electrical contracting business with groundbreaking sustainability solutions that not only minimise environmental impact but also boost your financial performance.

We provide a holistic range of sustainability solutions, equipping electrical contractors with the latest products and services to stay ahead of the competition and fulfill the increasing need for sustainable construction and building requirements.

Benefit from the extensive experience of our Sustainability team, positioning your business as a specialist in the rapidly expanding market of sustainable electrical solutions. Stand out in the electrical industry by delivering real sustainability solutions that contribute to a greener future, all while establishing a reputation for responsible electrical contracting.

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Lighting Design

We have professional in-house capability to provide our clients with cutting-edge lighting designs using design software such as AGI and DIALUX to ensure they meet Australian Standards.

We offer services such as:

  • Lux calculation
  • Wattage per m² calculation
  • Kw/hr energy consumption
  • Heat mapping
  • Colour rendering
  •  Glare rating

We offer bespoke lighting solutions across all sectors such as exterior lighting, commercial, retail and healthcare.

Using a human-centered design approach to offer solutions that benefit the health and well-being of users. We use our in-depth expertise and the latest lighting technology to improve mood, visual juxtaposition, comfort and productivity. Not only focusing on improving the quality of the environment but also reducing energy consumption by using quality LED solutions..

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Solar & Renewable

We deliver market leading renewable energy products & brands through our expansive National network of certified solar branches.

Our commitment extends to understanding the challenges posed by the demanding Australian environment and how these factors can
impact the lifespan and performance of our renewable products.

We aim to simplify discussions surrounding renewable energy, offering direct solutions tailored to the unique requirements in
residential, commercial and industrial markets.

Our goal is to provide reliable and efficient solutions that withstand the rigors of the Australian environment.

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Many domestic & commercial HVAC systems are old with high energy usage and generally oversized for the application they are being used in, so changing to a more efficient system will play a substantial role in reducing your carbon footprint.

Newer HVAC systems not only exhibit greater energy efficiency but also run quieter and provides you the opportunity to reassess the capacity and size of the system required.

Our product experts will provide advice on a greener, more responsible approach to your HVAC system requirements with an estimated return on investment for the new system.

Battery Storage

Energy storage is poised to revolutionise the global energy landscape providing consumers with enhanced flexibility, reliability, and efficiency in energy consumption.

Storage solutions play a pivotal role in stabilising the supply of variable renewable energy sources like solar, wind and hydro power. This technology not only grants consumers increased control over their power usage but also empowers them to maximize the benefits of self-generated solar energy.

To ensure power harvesting is maximised, it’s critical to choose compatible products when selecting modules, inverters and batteries.

EV Charges

Clean energy is the way of the future and electrical vehicles play a big part in that by reducing carbon emissions. The need for EV chargers is on the rise as the electric vehicle market experiences swift growth in Australia.

Purchasing EV chargers from Lawrence & Hanson provides the advantages of supporting a greener future, with a selection of reputable and high-quality brands for swift installation. You’ll also benefit from local supplier assistance, and the chosen brands are compatible with a wide array of vehicle brands and models.

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Energy Management

Thanks to advancements in technology of Energy Management & Information Systems (EMIS), it makes it seamless to monitor & track your energy usage on a live platform. Whether addressing energy metering and/or energy management, applications now possess unparalleled capabilities to record, report, analyse, and optimise your energy usage at every level.

This shift provides awareness for operators and business owners with heightened visibility into their energy consumption and carbon footprint. This insight enables corrective actions, resulting in tangible cost savings, increased investment opportunities and ultimately, enhanced profits.

The most significant advantage, however, extends beyond financial gains – it lies in making a positive impact on the environment. This impact resonates with a valued customer base who are ever increasing their acknowledgment and support for businesses committed to sustainable practices.


Sustainability Management


We assist companies in implementing and fulfilling their sustainability strategies on their journey to reach a Net Zero status.

We offer comprehensive turnkey solutions to our clients including access to the best nvironmental consultants, global product suppliers, energy efficiency tools & calculators, product design, installation services, project management, recycling companies and environmental project investments.

With a strong heritage in commercial energy-saving projects, we have a proven track record of successfully implementing energy-efficient solutions to our clients. Our expertise lies in establishing long-term partnerships with our clients ensuring their ongoing sustainability and energy efficiency goals are met.

Gain a competitive edge by tapping into our team’s expertise and
establishing yourself as a leader in this evolving market.

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Sustainability Insight

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