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Eddie & Pat – The Solar Challenge

As the cost of electricity for Australian homes continues to rise, more and more families are turning to alternative power. Retired couple Eddie and Pat wanted to install a solar system that would offset their daily power usage and reduce their overall cost of living. They met with the team at Lawrence & Hanson Solar + Solutions to discuss their needs.


The team at Lawrence & Hanson Solar + Solutions worked with electrical installer Recips to conduct a thorough site audit, evaluating their roof orientation and power usage. Lawrence & Hanson Solar + Solutions and Recips then designed a solar system speci­fically for Eddie and Pat, aligning the best brands against their domestic requirements – opting for a 27-panel 5kw Suntech/Growatt system on DPA racking.


Eddie and Pat have successfully removed all ongoing power bills, lowering the cost of living and saving them thousands of dollars in the process. As part of the solution, Eddie & Pat also received a complimentary power monitor, which they could use to monitor how much power they were generating and using on a daily basis.


“Solar + Solutions were fantastic to work with. They provide good advice and good back up. It makes the job easy when the kits come complete, and there are no warranty issues. As a large company, it’s good to know we can rely on their size and experience.”

Dean Spicer, Recips Electrical

“The team did a great job, and were happy to answer any questions we had. It’s a great investment and we’re already generating an average of 27kw per day. If these results continue, we expect the system to pay for itself within the next four years. We don’t pay electricity anymore, and because we are generating more power than we use, our credit also covers the cost of our gas, which includes hot water and ducted heating. It’s saving us at least $2,000 a year!”

Eddie, domestic customer

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