Case Study

Patrick’s Terminal, Botany Port

Project Description

PDC NSW partnered with ARA Electrical and APC for this multi-faceted project.

Patrick’s Terminal is a facility within Port Botany, which sits on the northern side of Botany Bay, and has been developed as a major port complex. On the southern side of the bay are berths to serve the oil industry at Kurnell.

This project had three separate facilities:

  • 10kVA for Administration Building
  • 15kVA + 2 Battery Frames for Substation S
  • 5kVA and accessories for Plant room

To begin with, we had to have a 10kVA tuned up to be a 15kVA and organised Hyab delivery, as the substation was quite inaccessible by normal means. PDC ensured that the UPS were loaded on the truck in the order of unloading at each site location within the facility to make sure everything ran smoothly.

PDC developed over seven unique designs within six months, to suit the end user’s ever-changing needs, work load and run-times.

“This was a very good experience for the customer. It’s very important for us to work with a partner who is very customer-centric and service focused, because when you’re selling a technology solution you’re also selling a commercial solution, so it’s very important to keep the customers’ confidence – and that the team who is delivering the solution know what they’re doing and part of that is getting the scope right” says Karl Bourke, Key Account Manager at APC by Schneider Electric.

“In any type of scope and any type of technology, and in any type of business, there are known knowns, unknown knowns and there are unknown unknowns and in this case we worked really closely with Pacific Datacom to find those little bits of scope that weren’t immediately obvious, which led onto the second stage, which is execution.”

“Now you can plan an execution of a technology solution to the nth-degree but at the actual day of deployment all sorts of things can come up and the customer wants an outcome, and they’re not always particularly interested in the details of the problem as long as the team have identified it and they’ve got it sorted out and this is what’s exceptional about the Pacific Datacom team. Something as benign and as obvious as delivery of the APC UPS to the site, and little hitch happened in terms of just getting them into the location, and PDC were able to work around that and work with the courier, and the customer didn’t even know about it – it all just worked out.”

“I’ve got absolutely no problem at all in recommending Pacific Datacom as a valued partner for Schneider Electric and we look forward to future business with them.”

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