Case Study

Veolia and University of Sunshine Coast

Solar + Solutions and Veolia, the global leader in optimized resource management worked together to provide University of Sunshine Coast (USC) a technical and value for money energy solution
USC has a target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2025. The energy and carbon footprint of large

University is considerable. Because of the local climate in Australia, air conditioning and ventilation are one of the most significant contributors to that footprint. USC wanted to find innovative ways to reduce energy usage, and develop renewable energy sources.

In order to meet this goal, Solar + Solution engaged its International supply partners to assist Veolia with 2.1MW solar PV installed on roofs across the campus buildings and carpark shade structures. This along with the implementation of 4.5ML thermal energy storage tank will reduce 42% reduction in the campus’ grid electricity use, save an estimated $100 million over a 25-year period and it is expected to offset more than 100,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Local Solar Installers worked on the project with various Lawrence & Hanson branches providing additional electrical items.

This innovative project challenged Solar + Solutions service and logistics capability but in the end all milestones were met. The project will position USC at the forefront of energy reduction and management, providing leadership in sustainability across the higher education sector and restating the Sunshine Coast as a hub for creativity and innovation.

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