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The Fronius story begins all the way back in the 1940s. At that time Günter Fronius founded a simple one-man business in Pettenbach. The founding of Fronius’ youngest business unit, Fronius Solar Energy by second generation owners, Brigitte Strauß and Klaus Fronius dates back to 1992 with a focus of “technology of the future”

Fronius – Building a sustainable future through innovation, top quality products and exceptional service



Sustainability is at the heart of everything Fronius does. Fronius products are carefully engineered to ensure that their environmental benefits outweighs their impact. 81% of the electricity used to make our latest generation of solar inverters is sourced from renewable energy, and 90% of the product recyclable.



Serviceability is hugely important to Fronius to save time for installers, and create more up-time for our customers. All products manufactured since 2000 are serviceable onsite, and are engineered to be repaired efficiently. With offices in both WA and VIC, and a repair centre in Melbourne,  inverters are guaranteed rapid repair locally, avoiding the long travel and transport routes overseas.



Fronius is proud of its long-term reliability that encourages less manufacturing, transportation and wastage. Because of this, quality is one of Fronius‘ core pillars and is reflected in our vigorous testing that goes well beyond what is considered the market standard.

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