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Pacific Datacom Central Office

As a Specialist Distributor of copper, fibre and wireless premise network cabling products and materials, Pacific Datacom operate in a dynamic marketplace, specifically ranging from LAN/WAN voice, video and data cabling networks through to wireless, access control, process control and telemetry systems.

With locations in all major capital cities across Australia, Pacific Datacom has been actively consolidating its 1999 launch. Recruitment of industry-leading personnel has been supplemented by an aggressive acquisition campaign of key allied businesses, culminating in rapid growth with an operation now jostling for market leadership status.

The team strength lies in its experience, depth of technical knowledge, and awareness of industry developments. These strengths enable us to provide an independent, up to date specialist channel to market for the product, system innovation and international standard news. In an ever-developing technology field, this experience is critical to ensuring that client investments in applications software, hardware and business process re-engineering are reliably supported.

Pacific Datacom Central Office
Level 2, 1 Chapel Street
Phone: 03 9845 1700