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Brighten Up Your Life

Home Automation and lighting has been the hot topic for 2018

Each year an increasing number of homes & businesses are upgraded with new, smart technology to make life easier while improving the overall look and function of the premises.

The average person now has less time available to do the things they love and find important. Thankfully, advances in technology have bridged the gap in the way we socialise & communicate with friends, family. Now, we find technology is also improving the way we operate inside & outside the home with SMART products that allow consumers to easily control and integrate all their home products & appliances with a touch of the fingertip.

A SMART product is typically referred to products that are embedded with processors, sensors, software and connectivity that allow data to be exchanged between the product into a platform/environment to an operator/user, or other products and systems.

It provides unparalleled access to managing & operating your home’s utilities & appliances via voice control (with any smart speakers from Apple, Amazon and Google) or a simple click/touch on your PC/iPad. It has opened a new world of opportunities that can allow a user complete control of their home and appliances. Imagine this; mum’s picking up the kids from sports practice, and with a few clicks while waiting in the carpark she’s able to heat up dinner, run a bath and turn on the heater to that perfect temperature ready for when the family enters the home. The opportunities are truly endless!

What are ‘smart’ lighting products & what else is there?

The fantastic thing about the electrical industry & Lawrence & Hanson Electrical is our capability to adapt and develop with advances in technology so quickly. It rings true for home lighting sector & the extensive range that’s available throughout Australia in SMART lighting products. Phillips is currently leading the way with their new range ‘Philips Hue’

Philips Hue lights are SMART LED bulbs which can be controlled wirelessly through applications or set to automatic routines to suit your lifestyle. With these smart LED bulbs, you can control your lights remotely or via smart speakers (Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home) to control your lights with your voice. You can have your lights turn on and off automatically via motion sensors, and you can create any ambience you want in your house. Plus, LED technology helps you save on electricity bills.

Home security has also evolved with a host of SMART products available within this category, from video doorbells, to door sensors, to video cameras all able to be monitored & managed effortlessly. The leading brands in this sector are Netgear, Philips, and Nest. As the smart home ecosystem is still very much in its growth phase, we believe reliability and ease of integration are key when considering a purchase. Therefore our recommendation is to stick with known brands like Philips that your electrical contractor can buy from any Auslec or Lawrence & Hanson electrical store across Australia.