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Create a NERO Smart Home

For those unaware, the Internet of Things refers to the connection of the Internet to everyday devices. For example, your home’s heating, blinds, lighting and more can now all be connected to the Internet. This allows for automated operation via programmable algorithms. It also means you control these devices via your smartphone, for remote operation online. The Internet of Things is evolving.The home automation industry understands that consumers are expecting smarter homes. Companies in our industry are starting to work together to help this trend continue.

We expect the Internet of Things and smart home products to only rise in popularity and NERO, by Environexus is the best out there. It’s an affordable, scalable, retrofit and wireless automation solution that allows you to build a dream smart home, one switch at a time. Your customer’s smart phone or tablet becomes the control interface for all connected devices, seamlessly merging lifestyle and technology into one.

NERO’s Australian designed wizard-based operating system offers guaranteed interoperability of all NERO devices, with advanced settings that allow you to completely customise each installation.

Distributed exclusively through Clipsal by Schneider Electric and available through selected Auslec and Lawrence & Hanson branches, the NERO platform offers a range of innovative connected devices, such as dimmers, relays, dry contact, plug packs, security and sensors.

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