Job Management just got easier with eBranch

One of the things we hope for our valued clientele is that we can assist in providing tools for an efficient & quick experience in-store/online to ensure there’s more quality time spent at home/on the job. One of these tools is ebranch, your local branch online.

eBranch isn’t just your local store, online – it’s a digital tool belt to help you get the work you need to be done. The wide variety of tools we provide ensures you can delegate components from order history/statements to price file export & click/collect. You can even save your favorite lists for that regular job/components you get day-to-day. . All of this is available 24/7 at the click of a button.

New Feature Available via eBranch Making Job Management Easier

This new feature allows you to create your own formats, for data you wish to export from eBranch, for the following:

• CATALOGS (Pricing data)
• ORDER STATUS (Backorders)

Formats can be created to suit the requirements of your specific accounting package. All you have to do once you’ve created your template is RUN/SCHEDULE the export as you wish.

What does it mean to RUN/SCHEDULE?

RUN means that you will be able to run the export ON DEMAND, at that moment, specifying selection criteria based on the available options.
SCHEDULE means that you will be able to schedule a predefined export to be run at a future time, once, or more than once depending on the options selected.

All you have to do is log in to eBranch and set it up! Don’t have login details? Too easy. All you need to do is click here to register. Credit account holders only.

For any queries please contact our eBranch team via email.

As we continue to improve your shopping experience, we will continue to strive to find the best ways we can help you manage your stock requirements as well as providing that expert advice on the latest and greatest products available on the Australian Market.

We believe in feedback and acting upon it, so when you talk – we listen. Our valued customers are the lifeblood of our business for the past 130+ years as we always encourage an open dialogue to serve you better.

Have a question or comment? Please contact us! We are always happy to take on suggestions so that we can ensure you’re getting the best from us.