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Future-Proof Switchboards by allocating space for Solar, Battery & EV Charging


MAX9 New Energy Protection Kit, with MAXBAR+ by Schneider Electric

As the world moves towards a greener future, solar installation, electric vehicle adoption and battery storage have become increasingly popular, helping homeowners to produce, store and consume cleaner energy. In this context of massive electrification, it is crucial for electricians to adopt the right electrical design to enhance the safety of residential switchboards, now and into the future.


MAXBAR+ busbar Features:
• Helps protect residential switchboards against overloading risks coming from multiple energy sources such as solar and battery in addition to the grid.
• Futureproof of the switchboard by allocating space for solar, battery & EV charging
• Easy to understand pictograms ensuring correct placement of protection devices by the electrician.
• Using busbar instead of cables prevents bad terminations & potential hazards such as hot joints.
• Busbars enables installations to be neat & tidy, eliminating feeding cables & providing a profession look.
• Design to easily connect with SPD on 1P MAXBAR+ with dedicated position.
• Simplified selection process with 1P or 3P New Energy Protection Kits


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