When it comes to retail, first impressions count and with online retail taking off, bricks and mortar retailers are facing stiff competition to keep sales in-store. As consumers get savvier, retail experiences are as much about the product as they are the experience. With constant improvements in lighting and control technology, retailers now have more ways to entice customers into their stores, to give them a better shopping experience and drive sales.

LEDs are fast becoming an obvious choice for retailers wanting to up the ante. With light fittings and fixtures getting smaller, their increased energy-saving benefits and continuous development of the colour palette, LEDs can improve the overall shopping experience.

However, LEDs are only one piece of the puzzle influencing modern retail lighting trends. Nowadays, retailers need to pay as much attention to lighting as they do to branding, merchandising, advertising and store layout. When done properly, lighting has the potential to shape the shopping experience and can be used to guide customers towards certain merchandise, create an atmosphere and affect the overall brand experience.

Many business owners are starting to realise that when it comes to lighting, it’s the littlest things that can make the biggest difference. Regardless of your budget – here are a couple of things retailers can do to present their shop in the best light.

Consider Contrast
Not only are bright lights expensive to run, they’re also incredibly uninviting to the customer and can send people heading from the sales floor, straight to the door.

The ideal setup includes a combination of ambient lighting and accent lighting to direct the customer while creating an illusion of space throughout the store. Making use of contrast is a great way to set the scene. While dim lights can give shoppers a sense of privacy and a feeling of intimacy, brighter lights can be used to draw attention to certain areas and items.

From elegant table lamps, to intelligent control systems and directional globes, there’s no shortage of modern lighting options. Choosing the right light is a balance between budget, environmental impact, aesthetics, value and user-friendliness. Light can set the scene and build a brand experience, so choose the mood you want and find the right light to illuminate your vision.

Modern Lighting Choices
Making the switch to LED lighting opens the door for retailers to get savvier with more versatile options and in-store displays. Unlike traditional halogen lights, LEDs don’t emit heat which means they can be integrated into walls, display cabinets and small spaces without any risk of damaging merchandise or safety.

Modern lighting choices are revolutionising more than the colour spectrum, bringing energy efficiency to unprecedented levels. Environmentally-focused LED technology means businesses can save up to 80 percent on their energy bills while reducing downtime and landfill. With less emissions, longer lasting bulbs and less maintenance, it’s no wonder why LEDs are setting the benchmark for in-store lighting technology.

Making the switch to LED lighting is opening the door to new technologies and smarter, faster marketing opportunities for retailers. LED lights can send and receive signals to other digital devices, making it the perfect host for a connected network of devices. Smart lighting is transforming the next generation of lighting technology and retailers only stand to gain from a more connected environment.