Brisbane-based solar specialists, Redback Technologies have recently released a Smart Hybrid Inverter System which is set to make waves in the solar industry. Unlike traditional solar inverters which had no capacity for storage, this hybrid inverter system both generates power and stores it in a battery. The energy generated by the Redback inverter can either be ‘self-consumed’ by power household appliances or can be sold back to the grid by way of feed-in tariffs.

The Redback system combines advanced hybrid technology together with an ‘Internet of Things’ software platform to give Australian households a platform to optimise solar self-consumption.

The Redback Revealed
Unlike it’s bulky predecessors, the Redback Smart Hybrid System is a sleek, slimline solar unit which can be installed both in and outside. Bringing together intelligent technology and smart software, the Redback Hybrid Inverter System gives users the power to store, monitor and manage their home’s solar energy from one wifi enabled interface.

Because the energy is stored in a battery, you’re always protected from storms and blackouts and can use the energy when you need it most. This forward-thinking approach could eventually see homeowners sharing their surplus electricity with their neighbours or trading it on the grid.

Crafty plug and play hardware choices mean that the Redback system is cheaper than it’s competitors and safer to install. Pre-wired and tested switchgear make for less guesswork, reducing human error and installation time.

The Internet of Solar
This hybrid inverter system uses technology to plan household power usage and storage around the ‘solar window’. When the sun’s at its strongest, the system is storing enough energy to use during night time peak periods, making homes less reliant on the power grid. Using the ‘Internet of Things’ platform, the system acts like a household hub, detecting other IoT-enabled appliances on the network and controlling them in line with the ‘solar window’. Being IoT-ready means the Redback solar inverter can preempt a lightning storm and automatically switch to battery power to avoid a blackout.

It Pays to Store
As feed-in tariffs become less lucrative, inverter systems like the Redback hybrid allow you to store and save your energy and use it when you need to. Because most residential consumers are out during the day, the unit’s smart battery means that households can use more of the energy they’ve generated during night time peak periods. As peak period rates are considerably higher than other rates, it definitely pays to store.