Solar + Solutions and Redback’s Energy and Sustainability Summit Success

The inaugral Energy and Sustainability Summit was held in Sydney on Tuesday 10th of May at the iconic Sydney Opera House and in Melbourne on Thursday 12th of May at the Grand Hyatt.

The Summit was designed to highlight Solar + Solutions and parent company, Sonepar Pacific, as being at the pinacle of the energy and sustainability movement in the industry, Australia and globally.

Over 100 customers, key supplier partners and staff got the opportunity to network, discuss sales opportunities, build relationships and share knowledge about energy saving and sustainability. Keynote speakers included Claude Picinali from Solar + Solutions, Phil Livingston from Redback Technologies, Gary Reading and Stuart Thompson from Specialised Lighting Solutions and Michael Kardasis and James Murrell from Philips Lighting.

The night was a huge success with customers raving that it was one of the best, most informative and educational events they had ever attended. Great result for everyone involved!

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