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Molex Premise Networks is popular supplier of solutions to IT companies thus allowing them to maximize their performance. Pacifc Datacom understands this excellence in serving the customers and therefore associated with the company.

Company Background

With more than 30 years of experience this company believes in offer excellent products and services. Molex Premise Networks is world’s second largest and popular manufacturer of interconnection products. Its annual revenues are approximately $3 billion. This company is totally dedicated in meeting its individual’s customer needs. It is in constant efforts of discovering new technology to come up with products that are beyond expectations.

Molex Premise Networks provides revolutionary and comprehensive technologies that offer the IT companies with interconnection products. This company does not fear from deterring the traditional approach in developing new and enhanced products.

Molex and Pacific Datacom

PDC is popular supplier of electrical products. This company is known to have associated with several manufacturers of electrical and safety products. However, it will be associated with only good companies. This is why it is has association with Molex Premise Networks.


Molex is known to offer products that spans in different categories. The following categories are covered by this company:

  • Advanced Physical Layer Management: There are different products like fiber, Optic Patch Cord etc offered under this category.
  • Copper: Various cable based consolidation points and different shielded patch cords are offered.
  • Voice: Telco Panel, Patch Panel and such other technologically advanced products are offered.

The company offers enhanced and evolved products that can easily match the top notch requirements by the IT firms and companies.

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